Downloads & Installation
rosetta is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Downloads & Installation


Python version 2.7 or greater (not python 3)

Getting started

Download the latest version of Rosetta from the downloads page and untar the directory.
Take a look at the README file for a detailed description of the contents and example usage.
The bin/rosetta shell command will work out of the box and has a --help or -h option for basic guidance.
A number of sample input cards are provided in the Cards directory.
For more details on features and usage examples, we refer the user to the Rosetta publication and the Les Houches contribution.

FeynRules/UFO Implementation

A FeynRules/UFO implementation of the interactions described in the Phenomenological Effective Lagrangian (currently named "BSMC Lagrangian") can be downloaded at:

This model file can be used with any UFO compatible Monte Carlo event generation software with the Rosetta output to the "bsmc" as an input parameter card. Simply set up your SLHA input card in the desired basis and run the translate command to output an SLHA card in the "bsmc" basis as follows:

bin/rosetta translate my_card.dat